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WE ARE WK. A global PR agency you can rely on to get your message across while making you visible!

If you want your company to stay on top of its game, Walther Kranz is a trusted PR agency ready to support you with its resources, knowledge, and connections.

A group of industry professionals who specialize in public relations, social media, and digital marketing lead WK as one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the world.

About WK

With the youngest names in the industry, we became the most dynamic public relations agency in Istanbul, where we started our adventure, now expanding our services globally.

In the communication sector, where we have worked for years, we created the agency of our dreams.

We began our journey with Walther Kranz to manage PR processes and produce communications for brands around the world.

We offer a full range of communications services, from media relations to crisis management and media training. We will advise you on the most compelling messaging and positioning for your audience and ensure your reputation is in safe hands.

Public Relations Services

Public relations plays a crucial role in building mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their target audience. If you want to increase your brand awareness and bring the spotlight to your organization by conducting PR campaigns, Walther Kranz is here to help you achieve your strategic PR goals.

Corporate Communications

Corporations must clearly communicate with their employees, investors, and executive teams.

There are many ways to communicate with internal teams, such as newsletters, wikis to inform company members via various departments.

Walther Kranz offers companies strategizing their corporate communications to help them have and preserve a positive reputation for their employees, customers, stakeholders, investors.

We guided many corporations, by identifying specific standards for the language and approach they use to communicate with their involved parties.

Event Management

Event management is an additional supplement in building your public relations campaign.

It is another effective way of introducing your company or organization to the public.

Walther Kranz has successfully conducted numerous events for its partnered brands.

It takes a dedicated group of people and industry professionals to conduct events that would suit your company or organization's needs.

We schedule and plan everything, from setting up a proper venue to finding local print reporters, journalists, influencers, photographers, sponsors, advertisers, and more.

Influencer Communication

There are numerous ways to reach your target audience. And, yes, today’s influencers play a big role in your public relations strategy.

Influencers reach a tremendous amount of people every day by sharing a single story or a post from the comfort of their place.

Every client targets a specific audience and every influencer has its own niche market.

Walther Kranz builds long-lasting relationships with influencers within your target audience.

As a WK team, we identify your target niche and match the right influencer with your brand, organization, product, or services.

Media Relations

Building good relationships with media increases brand awareness while helping to create a credible reputation in the eyes of the public.

To establish sustainable media relations, Walter Kranz starts by creating a clear strategy for its partnered brands.

We create your media relations strategy by forming a compelling story that describes your organization or brand. After developing a clear message, then we distribute to relevant media sources that can get to the front of your target audience.

Social Listening

We perform social listening by monitoring what people are saying about your brand online.

This helps us to understand your target audience, competitors, and public opinion.

Therefore, we can come up with a robust plan which is backed up by real-time facts that can be implemented in your public relations strategy.

Social listening allows brands interact with their target audience by being involved with ongoing conversations to turn things to their advantage or create even more sturdy relationships.

Leader Communications

Company leaders are the most important personas of organizations. They bring the most media coverage to your businesses by placing themselves as industry experts in the eyes of the public.

Walther Kranz ensures that your company spokesperson can be positioned as a thought-leader within your industry. We simulate a real press interview that would prepare your spokesperson -thought leader- for unexpected interviews.

We guide and train thought leaders to become reputable authorities by getting them involved in industry discussions, bylined articles, public speaking, and mostly show them how to communicate across different media outlets.

Crisis Communications

It may not be possible to predict where and when a threat may come from.

Companies must keep on improving the values, resources, and skills of their employees in order to protect themselves from potential crises.

Walther Kranz helps companies take immediate actions to change the perception of the public in times of crisis.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility also known as CSR aims to take part in societal issues that will help the world become a better place.

By conducting CSR activities, Walter Kranz makes sure that brands that involve in these projects would leave positive impressions for public.

CSR projects can focus on the improvement of education, health, cultural and environmental protection of society. People who believe in similar values would certainly respect companies that not only care about their profit margins but also value such activities that will contribute to humanity.

Companies that don’t know how to start CSR activities should get in touch with one of the Walther Kranz’s CSR specialists to receive more information.

Want to talk? We do.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing became an essential part of every business and individual if they want to be a well-known persona or an organization in the digital world. There are numerous ways and techniques to achieve that goal since there are endless techniques to implement in social media marketing.

We create social media marketing strategies meaning, defining your target audience, locating appropriate social media channels that your potential or existing consumers wander. Monitoring insights and redeveloping techniques to best suit your marketing goals.

Strategy Creation

We create social media strategies starting from defining objectives to setting up a goal while choosing the right metrics to monitor results.

Social Media Moderation

Social media moderation plays an important role in preventing the unwanted content that can be found across different social media channels.

Walther Kranz’s social media moderators keep an eye on user-generated content (UGC) by consistently monitoring the content uploaded online. We also define guidelines for users, encourage companies’ stakeholders to participate in conversations, interact with the audience and imply restrictions when necessary.

Special Day Content Preparation

According to HubSpot, there are 278 social media holidays for your 2022 content, and you wouldn't want to miss out on important conversations around holiday topics.

Walter Kranz's social media specialists pick and choose the relevant holidays that best suit your company's objectives.

We create social media content that aligns with your brand while increasing publicity in the frontline of your followers.

Creative Production

Our design team produces social media creatives such as graphics, custom GIFs, animations, infographics, anything that aligns with your message.

Social Media Account Analysis

Walter Kranz keeps track of your social media content by analyzing key metrics, which helps us determine what posts get the most engagement and the amount of reach a post receives. Having access to user demographics and interests lets us re-strategize our social media content to get the best results from ROI.

Video Production

Producing video content in your social media channels can increase engagement and more likely to reach a wider audience.

Social media video production should be done by creating a strategy, as we all know each social media channel should be approached differently

We produce appealing, memorable and engaging video contents.

Digital Marketing  Services

Digital marketing is a method to promote your brand through online advertising which can be done by online videos, display ads, SEO, paid social ads, and social media posts. At Walther Kranz, we do all things digital that would improve your brand’s presence in the online world.

We make sure that websites are user-friendly, well designed, and load fast. We also offer SEO services that can be applied to your website’s content which makes your brand more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social Media

Walther Kranz offers the creation and management of social media accounts. Our social media account specialists schedule monthly plans for different social media channels, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and more.

We create, publish, and analyze your social media content while providing real-time interaction with followers.

Google Advertising

There is a mass competition with companies that all want to come up first on google search results.

Even though solid SEO may put you one step ahead of your competitors, investing in Google Ads that target your industry’s most searched terms would be the most beneficial!

Our team creates Google ad campaigns that are consistently optimized. Real-time data lets us choose the right keywords, leads us to craft compelling ad copies that speak to your audience, and prepare convertible landing pages that will give your prospects what they need.

Ad Analysis

Our social media expertise lets us dive in and analyze based on real-time data that would improve and develop your ad campaigns

In this way, we are able to create high converting campaigns that will bring sales, website traffic, views, likes and more.

We are a paid media agency that aims to get your content in the front of your target audience by analyzing key campaign metrics, such as click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates, CPCs, CPMs, bounce rates, etc.


Our team is an expert in creating and running paid ad campaigns across various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Youtube, etc.

Paid social media ad campaigns can speed up reaching your target audience compared to organic social media campaigns.

Ad Optimization

Our campaign specialists optimize social media ad campaigns based on real-time data collected by doing A/B tests.

In this way, we can identify which content works the best and focus on producing more of that content that brings the most conversion.

Website Development

Everybody needs a website, or improve the current one to fit the standards of the online world.

Websites give brands a chance of introducing themselves to their target audience.

We develop and improve custom-designed, user-friendly websites by creating informational, e-commerce, blog, membership websites, personal websites, etc.


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We offer a full range of communications services, from media relations, to crisis management and media training. We will advise you on the most compelling messaging and positioning for your audience, and ensure your reputation is in safe hands.

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